Scheme Research


Research groups

Please let us know if we are missing a research group doing work in Scheme, or if there is inaccurate information here. We'd like to collect a comprehensive list of groups here.

Université de Montréal

Cisco Systems, Inc.

People: R. Kent Dybvig, Andy Keep

Location: Research Triangle Park, NC

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN


Racket, a programming language derived from Scheme, has been developed as a collaboration between these groups:


In association with

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Project MAC, the research group of Professors Sussman and Abelson, co-authors of the textbook Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, uses its own implementation, MIT/GNU Scheme, for non-programming-languages research, but incidental programming languages research does make its way into the implementation.

OpenCog Foundation

OpenCog uses Scheme for scripting.

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Jeffrey Mark Siskind, author of Stalin, an optimizing compiler for Scheme